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The Rescue Process

Rescue horses generally come to Hope for Horses from either the race tracks (OTTB), or from various homes where they have fallen on hard times. Hope for Horses also works with the United Pegasus Foundation to rescue horses. The initials OTTB stand for ‘off the track Thoroughbred’. Off the track Thoroughbreds are ex-race horses. When a Thoroughbred’s racing career is over, they often find second careers as pleasure horses, polo ponies, dressage horses, hunters and jumpers. Many are retired due to soundness issues that may take months to sort out, and their training will be basic. This is where Hope 4 Horses steps in with proper care, nutrition and training.

PMU horses (Pregnant Mare Urine) stands for the process of producing estrogen for pharmaceutical needs.  For more information on PMU production, cplease click on the Success Stories Tab. Lazarus (KISS Horse Center’s mascot – a personable rescued Percheron used for dressage) is a PMU foal. You can read his tory on the Success Stories page also.

In addition, there are multiple breeds of horses (mustangs, for example) that are in need of rescue. Many “hard time” horse rescues have gone on to become great companions and riding horses.

Once at Hope for Horses the rescues are prepared for their new life. They learn how to interact with their new human partners and how to carry a person under saddle. Once the horse is ready they are offered for adoption. Exactly what a horse needs to be ready for their new life depends on the individual horse. Most just need time and a loving hand.

After a horse has learned manners and how to do their new job (riding horse or pet) they are offered for adoption. Some new owners like to get to know their new horse under the watchful eyes of a trainer; either at K.I.S.S. Horse Center/Hope for Horses or at the stable of their choice.


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